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About the Moft

To continue the original MOFT’s philosophy of “A good design is invisible,” our new MOFT  X series – portable stands for Phones and Tablets – is unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, and unnoticed when carried. It’s light and easy to work with!

Product Features
  • Thinnest vertical foldaway stand
  • Paper- thin design (1.19″)
  • Super lightweight (2.6oz)
  • Use everything, feel nothing
  • Very attractive unit
  • Magnetic stick pad
  • Firm Phoneor Tablet Grip
Product Specifications
  • 40 degree landscape and 60 degree portrait
  • Car-mount attachment included
  • 3-card holder (iPhone stand)
  • Paper- thin design (1.19″)
  • iPhone: 4.7″+ phones- 6.4cm (W) x 10.5cm (L)
  • Tablet Mini: 7.9″ tablets- 11.6cm (W) x 17.1cm (L)
  • Tablet: 9.7″ tablets- 15cm (W) x 21cm (L)

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Phone Stand, Tablet Mini Stand, Tablet Stand