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Cash Cannon

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Larry’s Cash Cannon

Make it rain like a true pimp with Larry’s awesome Cash Cannon Money Gun. Simply load the dough and pull the trigger, yo!

What can you do with Larry’s Cash Cannon?

The Cash Cannon of Larry is a toy that dispenses paper items in a rapid but user-controlled manner. The preferred item of choice to dispense is of course cash, but any item that fits in the loading compartment and out of the slot will work with the device.

Product Features

– Make it rain
– Super fun
– Great for parties
– Awesome gift
– Enhances street cred

Colour: Red

Product dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 10cmRequires a 9V battery (Not included)

What’s in the Larry’s Cash Cannon Box?

The Cash Cannon money gun. Fake paper money *Please note: The paper money contains coarse language. Not recommended for under 18s.

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