Picnic Basket & Blanket

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Larry’s 2 Person Picnic Basket and Waterproof Blanket

You don’t always need a holiday to go on an adventure, sometimes all you need is a picnic basket and blanket for you and a companion. Decked out with a set of 2 of everything you’ll need for a light meal and enough space for food this compact basket is easy to keep in the boot of your car or in the corner of your closet until the next adventure calls!

Product features

Easy twist lock to open or close
Wicker basket effect
Compact design
2x Plates
2x Knives
2x Forks
2x Spoons
1x Bottle Opener
2x Plastic Glasses
1 Set of Salt and Pepper shakers
Easy to organize and fasten clips and holders for each item, to maximize the space
Dimensions: 18 H x 32 W x 30 L


Easy to roll up blanket with two elastic bands to keep in place
Red and white or grey and white check pattern
Waterproof material