Bluetooth Smart Padlock


The Bluetooth Padlock enables you to use your smartphone as the key! All you need to do is to install the 'LOOCCESS' App from the Apple or Android App Stores, set up the user account and off you go. If you do not have your smartphone available to unlock then you can use you can use button Numeric combination key to unlock.The app also includes a “loss-alarm” which means you will get alerted should you the app lose connection with the lock. You will never have to worry about losing your luggage or bag again!

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Product FeaturesKeyless Unlock
Auto Unlock
Mechanical Password to Unlock
Bluetooth 4.2 or Up
Low Energy Connectivity
Compatible with IOS and Android
Use as Anti-lost
Low operation and standby power consumption.
Power Display and Rechargeable Battery
Coming with a micro USB-cable included.
Product Specifications
The Battery capacity: 140mAh
The cycle using life of battery: 300 times
The working voltage: 3.7
The working current ≤150μA
The charging current ≤100mA
The time for charging ≤3h
The distance for unlocking of Bluetooth lock ≤2m
The times of unlocking: 1000 times
The temperature of operating: -20~60℃
Material: Zinc alloy