Auto Off LED Charging Cables

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About the Smart LED Charging Cables

So long deteriorating battery! The Auto Off Smart LED Charging Cables are truly intelligent chargers, it auto-disconnects when your phone is fully charged, thereby saving power, and, more importantly, prolonging the lifespan of your battery! It also prevents Lithium-Ion batteries from overheating and swelling, thereby extending the overall battery life and protects your phone in the process.

Next to that, the cable itself just looks really cool when lit up, your friends and family will be blown away! It’s also long enough not to be a hassle when you have to charge your phone.

Product Features
  • Auto-Disconnect Smart Charger
  • Length: 1m
  • Intelligent LED Indication
  • Energy Saving and eco-friendly
  • Can prevent Battery Swelling
  • Prolongs Battery Life
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