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Our Larry’s brand is focused on unleashing your inner Larry using technology that hides in unique gadgets. Larry is all about changing the way we interact with the world we currently live in. Larry is that one friend we all have. A kind of person who enjoys life to the fullest, who sees the beauty in everyone and everything, who brings out the best in you, whose style is second to none, and the one who lives his dream just by waking up. With Larry’s attributes and characteristics being applied in our products, we guarantee that you will amazed and experience a full new spectrum of sensations at very reasonable prices.

Larry’s is a spot for new and innovative product lovers. Our site will provide the latest trendy products at a very affordable price in order to make quality products accessible to all people, like you and me. We are designing and developing amazing bundles, ensuring the best mix of quality products aimed at lasting a lasting impression, just like Larry did.



Larry has become an icon. Born in 1987, he embodied the spirit of curiosity, looking to ways to enjoy life far beyond we could imagine. Surrounding himself by technological gadgets and nifty tools, he was always one step ahead and one step closer to his dream.

Larry was a very good friend, who was unfortunate to leave us at a young age. He lived the life many of us would be envious of. He might not be with us in person, but his spirit will live on in this brand. Every product will symbolize what he stood for and will remind you of that one friend. That one friend everyone has and everyone wants to be. That’s Larry.


We are four guys with roots in four different countries, Pakistan, USA, Belgium and Suriname. Two of us are based in Antwerp, Belgium, while the other two are based in Cape Town, South Africa. Larry and the four of us, want to share our gadgets with the world. When Larry was still alive, we started off by introducing the selfie stick products branded “SelfieStickShop”, which have spread across both our countries. After their successful launch, we have decided to take it up a notch and expand our business into a full range of gadgets.