Larry’s 80mm Photography Glass Lens Ball


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Product Description

Take your Instagram game up a notch with the Larry’s 80mm Photography Glass Lens Ball. Take stunning inverted glass ball images in various landscapes and watch as the likes fly in! Images can be taken with a proffesional camera or even your smartphone. So switch things up and take the Larry’s Glass Lens Ball for a spin.

Product Features
  • Take stunning images!
  • Inverts images through the glass lens ball
  • Amazing gift
  • For professionals and beginners alike
  • Works perfectly with a smartphone
  • Up your Instagram game
  • Watch the like fly in
  • Can also be used for decoration purposes
  • Hours of fun!
Product Specifications
  • Size: 80mm diameter
How to use it
  • Keep your ball in the shade, if you can, to avoid distracting reflections from the sun or the sky.
  • Use a long lens or a telephoto setting on your zoom lens. This will give you a more pleasing perspective and a better effect.
  • Shoot at a wide open aperture. A small f/stop number will give you shallow depth of field and will help render the background out of focus. This will emphasize the image within the ball as the main subject.
  • Don’t touch your sphere with your bare hands. Fingerprints will show easily and are distracting in your photo.